Sophisticated Privacy. Create a completely enclosed space using a Portable Photo Booth with white Premier Drapes.
A 7-12ft Adjustable Height Backdrop Kit, white Premier Drapes and lots of faerie lights create a beautiful shimmering focal point.
Contributed by: Ankit Shah.
Create an elegant archway using the 7-12ft Adjustable Height Backdrop Kit. Drape with beautiful fabric. Add flowers and uplighting. Beautiful.
Contributed by: Beau Decor LLC
Turn any space into the epitome of refinement. Use multiple 50x8 Quick Backdrop Kits to create a stylish enclosed area in the middle of any location.
Contributed by: Beyond Elegance
Fast and Fancy. Make that special person feel special on that special day. Use Pipe and Drape components or the complete all-in-one Portable Backdrop Kit.
Contributed by: Brian Woods
This use of our Portable Backdrop Kit turns a plain space into something truly special. Pipe and drape builds walls and backdrops that can cover unsightly areas, traffic areas, or create enclosed spaces.
Contributed by: Celeste Cantu
Excellent use of a Quick Backdrop Kit, uplighting, and fabric draping to create an exciting and dramatic focal point.
Contributed by: Encore Event Group
Simple, fast, and fun. A great way to use the Portable Photo Booth. Drape beads to create a whimsical and sparkling effect that fills the air with the sound of tinkling chimes.
Contributed by: Ice Forest Designz
The exceptional use of complimentary colors make this focal wall built using the Portable Backdrop Kit really stand out.
Contributed by: Juliana
Look at the black umbra blackout drapes !!! Black powder coat pipe is also available on the 50x8 Backdrop Kit. And the blackout drapes are available in Black Umbra or Pearl White.
Contributed by: Ken McCreedy
What an ingenious way to create light boxes to highlight the artwork at an exhibition. Culture and refinement made easy! Use two 7-12ft Adjustable Backdrop Kits, 6 Crossbars (two 7-12ft and four 3-5ft), and plenty of Easels.
Contributed by: Lets Celebrate Rentals
Create a pop-up sound mixing booth anywhere, on the fly. Use four 3ft Fixed Height Uprites, four 4-7ft Crossbars, four 8x14in Bases with 1.5in Pins, and 3ft length Drapes.
Contributed by: Matthew Morgan
Exquisite use of fabric draping on a Quick Backdrop Kit and Expansion Sections to create an opulent background that transcends the expectations of even the most cynical bride.
Created by: Sani Mar Decor Studio
Classic lines, tastefully decorated. The stylish drapes hide the pipe framework supports. Create this look with a 7-12ft Adjustable Height Backdrop Kit. To extend the width of the backdrop add a 7-12ft Uprite, a 7-12ft Crossbar, and an 18in Square Base with a 2in Pin.
Contributed by: South Event SMS